Join VCU Gerontology at One of Our Upcoming Information Sessions

March 31 at noon: General Information
VCU’s Department of Gerontology in the College of Health Professions was founded in 1976 and remains the only MS in Gerontology in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our mission to promote optimal aging for individuals and communities is evident through our innovative graduate and continuing education, scholarship, and university-community partnerships. Our graduates further our person-centered, transdisciplinary mission all over the country and globe!
April 29 at noon: Gerontology Concentrations and Career Paths in the Health Professions
Specific areas of gerontological expertise are in high demand within the health professions, and this need will continue to grow -- fast. With licensed Assisted Living Facility Administrators who are also faculty members in the VCU Department of Gerontology, VCU Gerontology is the top choice for anyone looking to join this field or enhance their career. VCU Gerontology has the only NAB accredited degree program earning a Master’s in Gerontology with an Assisted Living Administration emphasis in the United States.
May 21 at noon: Aging, Elderhood, and Gerontology
Discover how VCU Gerontology unlocks the power and beauty of elderhood. Students not only uncover a wealth of knowledge about the science and societal impacts of aging, but embark on a personal journey to learn about themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. Join us in May to talk about VCU Gerontology's pioneering work in elderhood and our impact on the discipline. Hear about how our students make a splash in the realm of discovery -- personal and professional.
June 17 at noon: Community Based Gerontology
Our alumni are changing the world. Join us to learn about the diversity of gerontological work in our communities. From public policy, to dance and art, to death and dying, and beyond. The career opportunities for VCU gerontologists are wide in scope and practice. You may have heard about the popular desire to "age in place" -- there's so much more to it!


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