The Longevity Project for a greater Richmond, jointly managed by VCU Gerontology and Senior Connections, The Capital Area Agency on Aging, is housed in the Department of Gerontology. 

Longevity Project's mission, to make the Richmond region a great place for all people to grow older, is realized in the following ways: 

A Great Place 

  • Inspire leaders and policy makers and advocate for change to build communities that are engaged, livable, stable, and well, at local, statewide, and national levels
  • Collaborate with local governments and encourage regional collaboration 
  • Promote the tenets of inclusive, equitable, person-centered communities (i.e. respect, opportunity, engagement, general accessibility, transportation access, health care access, and connectedness)

For All People

  • All races and ethnicities 
  • All faiths and religions 
  • All gender identities and expressions 
  • All sexual orientations
  • All immigrants of any status
  • All ages 

To Grow Older 

  • Reduce ageism, celebrate elderhood, and educate the community on the opportunities brought by the Age Wave 
  • Support and promote resource providers in order to grow programs that contribute to a region that is stable, livable, engaged, and well
  • Connect providers to community members and to one another 
  • Provide evidence-based information to resource providers to support their work 
  • Provide education, including certificates of attendance and CEUs 
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