Online Courses: Foundations in Longevity and Aging

Knowledge of aging and older adults is crucial, especially in certain professions. With the onset of COVID-19, this is apparent now more than every more.

This nine-part series anchors concepts of gerontology relating to longevity and aging, all set within the context of the current pandemic and with hands-on strategies, tools, and case studies. Foundations in Longevity and Aging is a product of VCU's College of Health Professions' Department of Gerontology and the Longevity Project for a Greater Richmond.

No prerequisites are needed to complete modules. This online curricula series is intended for:

  • Health Professionals 
  • Recareering health professionals
  • Emerging health professionals
  • Anyone who desires rigorous, evidence-based continuing education

What you will experience is the best of the evidence-based practices based on decades of theory and application. Participants in this series can earn individual badges for completing each module and a micro-certificate for completing the entire series. We invite you to embark with us on this nine-part series while learning and applying some of the foundation concepts in longevity and aging.

Please contact Kim Ivey at for more information.

Individual Badges  

Online modules are priced at $60 eachBadges will be awarded for the completion of each module. To register for one or more modules, please click on this link.

Click on each module title below for a brief description and to learn more. Each module is a pre-recorded video lecture great for self-paced learning. 


To earn a micro-certificate in "Foundations in Longevity and Aging", all nine modules listed above and a self-reflection exercise must be completed. Those enrolling in the entire series receive a 10% discount off the per module charge. 

To register for the full micro-certificate at the discounted rate, please click on this link