*NEW* Training-in-a-Box Program!

We have created a take-home training curriculum to better accommodate community and staff schedules. This training comes with presentation slides, instructor manual and an activity. This is a 6-hour training that can be broken up into sections or completed all at once, depending on your preference. There is a flat-rate of $100 for this training package- this is not a subscription. To access this training, please click here

Why is this training important?

We’ve created this training to reduce violations, ensure safety and ultimately promote person-centered care within Virginia Assisted Living Facilities. The information from this presentation can be implemented by staff to improve overall quality of care.


Training Objectives

At the end of this training participants will have an increased:

  • Understanding of  the most recent top 10 violations in Assisted Living communities 
  • Ability to identify ways to avoid common violations and repeat violations in their facility
  • Understanding of how person-centered care can improve areas where violations are common