Our team

Tracey Gendron, MS, PhD

Chair and Professor, Gerontology

Executive Director, Virginia Center on Aging

Email: tlgendro@vcu.edu


  • Recognizing, Understanding and Disrupting Ageism
  • Aging into Elderhood
  • Intersection of Ageism and Ableism
  • Professional Identity and Community Engagement


  • PhD in 2013, from Virginia Commonwealth University
  • MS in 1995 and 2012, from Virginia Commonwealth University
  • BA in 1992, from University of Central Florida

Research Interests

To understand, raise awareness and disrupt the deeply embedded, normalized and invisible ageism that is within us all. Disrupting ageism in research involves examining inequity and discrimination and their impact on behaviors, thoughts and actions. Other research areas are elderhood, trauma-informed care approaches, workforce development, training and professional identity and community engaged research.


Dr. Tracey Gendron serves as Chair for the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Gerontology, as Director for the Virginia Center on Aging and is the author of the book Ageism Unmasked: Exploring Age Bias and How to End It. With over 25 years of experience as a grant- funded researcher and nationally recognized speaker, Tracey is dedicated to raising awareness and ending ageism through education. Tracey has a Master’s degree in Gerontology, a Master’s degree in Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology.

Dr. Gendron has dedicated her career to changing the landscape develop an age-inclusive climate that facilitates growth and engagement in elderhood. Her personal and professional goal is to raise awareness of elderhood as the solution to the deeply embedded ageism pervasive within all cultures, settings, and individuals.


  • Author, Ageism Unmasked: Exploring Age Bias and How to End it, 2022
  • Distinguished Faculty Award for Service, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2022
  • Distinguished Faculty Award for Leadership, College of Health Professions, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2022
  • Gordon Streib Distinguished Academic Gerontologist Award, Southern Gerontological Society, 2022
  • Founder of Aging into Elderhood