What Our Students Say About Us

"The Certificate program allowed me to learn more about the aging population outside of the typical pharmacy setting. I was able to interact with other students from different fields of study which allowed me to expose my biases towards the aging process that I didn't even realize I had. Through the program, I can honestly say I am a more well-rounded pharmacist and more aware of what to expect as I age." -Jerald Garrett, Pharm D. (Certificate in Aging Studies 2018)

"The Aging Studies program provided an opportunity of growth spiritually and professionally. Prior to this program, my lack of awareness and knowledge about the journey of aging attributed to the projection of what we know as ageism. I was among those that separated the 'them' from 'us.' I very much realize that we are all aging and each person’s individual journey is unique; this journey is one that I have learned to appreciate and enjoy. Each of these life stages offer something special and I am working towards redefining what society deems 'old.'" -Tyerell Dotson, MSW (Certificate in Aging Studies 2018)