Student Learning Outcomes

1. Students will demonstrate understanding and application of the biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual theories of aging to gerontology practice.

2. Students will demonstrate understanding and respect for the interdisciplinary team process in effective gerontological practice and essential role of various disciplines on the care team. Students develop a clearer understanding of eldercare through the biopsychosocial approach, lifespan perspective and the theories within the field (as implicit in AGHE's core competencies). 

3. Students will demonstrate a thorough understanding of the multiple paths, methods and techniques of optimal aging in order to assist older persons, their families, program providers and policymakers toward the goal of optimal aging. A comprehensive understanding of gerontology core concepts is essential to this goal.

4. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the aging network and will be able to make contributions to community-identified needs through the successful delivery of services in the aging network. Community engagement will take the form of field work, research, grant writing, service-learning opportunities, education and training.