Honors and Awards for Students 

All MS students are eligible to receive scholarships and are invited to apply each August. Scholarships are awarded by a faculty comittee based on each student's application, academic achievement, and need. 

The Walters-Wilkerson Memorial Gerontology Scholarship

William and Patricia Wilkerson generously fund this scholarship to ensure that more recent undergraduates who demonstrate exemplary academic skills have access to Gerontological scholarship and its practical application in aging services. 

Marion Cotter King Memorial Scholarship

Dr. J. James Cotter endowed this scholarship for students studying elder leisure in honor of the memory of his mother and in recognition of her love of travel, recreation, leisure, and overall personification of optimal aging. 

Theresa Thomas

The Theresa A. Thomas Memorial Foundation was established nearly 30 years ago by the late George Thomas to honor his wife, who was a nurse. Upon his death in 1975, Thomas left virtually his entire estate to the Foundation, with the hope that the money would make a difference in many aspects of healthcare. The Theresa Thomas Health Professional Scholarships were established as a means of carrying out Mr. George D. Thomas' desire to promote and develop medical specialists, and education for medical practitioners who plan to practice family medicine in rural Virginia. (No plaque presented)

A.D. Williams Award 

An annual award is made to a student who demonstrates by virtue of high scholastic achievement and professional competence unusual promise and ability in the field of Gerontology. 

Iris A. Parham Scholarship

The Iris A. Parham Scholarship was created by alumni in honor of Dr. Iris A. Parham and the Department of Gerontology 25th year anniversary. This award is given to a candidate who demonstrates outstanding achievements in the field of Gerontology. 

Cathy Saunders Career Gerontologist Award

The Department of Gerontology has established the Cathy Saunders Career Gerontologist Award in order to honor her tremendous commitment to the field, and her generous donations to the Department and School of Allied Health Professions. Ms. Sauders also considers this donation as a challenge and leadership effort to encourage other alumni to provide support. This award was created as a scholarship fund to promote student enrollment among career gerontologists. As the only realtor in the Richmond area who is also a gerontologist, and her exemplary career as such, she has continued to promote gerontology related issues in the real estate community through assisting other realtors who are working with persons with Alzheimer's Disease, and referring realtors to gerontology related community resources. 

Gerontology Student of the Year

Each year the faculty chooses a graduating student who has exhibited outstanding scholastic achievement and demonstrated service in Gerontology. 

Guy M. Kinman, Jr. Award for Inclusive Gerontology 

The Guy M. Kinman, Jr. scholarship is awarded to a Master of Science in Gerontology student who endeavors to study diversity and aging. The scholarship was created in honor of Mr. Kinman, a pioneer in LGBT advocacy, continuing up to and beyond his 100th birthday, December 23, 2017. 

Age Wave Scholar Award

The Age Wave Scholar Award is awarded to a Master of Science in Gerontology student who has accepted an Age Wave Scholar position and who has shown exemplary service and partnership to further the mission of the Greater Richmond Age Wave Coalition to make the Richmond region a great place for all people to grow older