Ageism and Elderhood Lab

Research laboratory devoted to improving health and longevity outcomes through promotion of anti-ageism, anti-ableism, and reduction of age-related prejudices. 



Disrupting Ageism and Promoting Elderhood are the foundations of our teaching and research. To effectively change culture we first need to learn more about how ageism is communicated and perpetuated in order to disrupt the vicious cycle and achieve an age-inclusive society. Our research lab builds the evidence-base needed to develop interventions and approaches that disrupt ageism and promote elderhood as a time of continued growth and development. The scholarship produced in our Ageism and Elderhood lab highlighting the science behind ageism, elderhood and wellbeing has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented across the country.

VCU Gerontology students participate in the Ageism and Elderhood Lab, and we welcome new students that are interested in working in the lab alongside faculty members.


How Old Do You Feel?

A Theory of Relational Ageism

The language of ageism

Should we talk about Aging Anxiety in relation to Body Image?

Challenging Ageism and Stereotypes of Older Adults

Coming soon: Ageism and Ability Toolkit


Dr. Jenny Inker

Dr. Tracey Gendron

Dr. Sarah Marrs