Department of Social Services, State-Wide Training Program

Programs for caregivers working in Virginia's Licensed Assisted Living and Adult Day Care Facilities

Developed jointly by the Virginia Department of Social Services, Division of Licensing Programs and the VCU Department of Gerontology, these training programs are made possible through the use of Assisted Living and Adult Day Care facility licensing fees. These programs are provided exclusively for employees of Licensed Assisted Living Facilities and Adult Day Care Centers in Virginia.

Individualized Service Plan Training 

*We are not accepting forms via mail at this time*

Register your Trainer Today!

Each instructor authorized to teach the Individualized Service Plan Training must be registered in the ISP Trainer Database. The ISP Trainer Registration must be renewed annually on or before September 30th. (The first annual renewal is due September 2020)

Each Trainer must submit the ISP Trainer Registration Form, where they can attach a copy of their current license and a copy of their UAI Certificate. After submission, please note you will be redirected to a payment page to complete the $30 ISP trainer registration fee. Trainers will also need to purchase the ISP Curriculum.

Please complete the ISP Materials Order Form and EMAIL to AGINGSTUDIES@VCU.EDU. You will then be directed to a specific curriculum payment page and sent the ISP training powerpoint and a link to the curriculum exam.

PLEASE NOTE: Final approval as an ISP Trainer includes passing a curriculum exam. Certificates will not be issued until the exam has been successfully passed. ISP trainings will not be valid unless the Trainer has received his or her signed Trainer Certificate. Certificates are sent via email after passing the curriculum exam.

Looking for a trainer? Check out our list of approved ISP trainers here: ISP Trainers List (Updated 2023)


ISP Trainer Renewal

Please complete a trainer renewal form annually before September 30th. After submission, please note you will be redirected to a payment page to complete the $12 ISP trainer renewal fee. Certificates are sent out via email within 5-7 business days after submission. 

Trainee Completion Documents

Trainers are required to submit a Trainee Completion Form and attach a Trainee Task Record to the trainee completion form. There is one submission and trainee record per trainee. Please note you will then be redirected to a payment page to complete the $10 ISP trainee registration fee. Certificates are sent out via email within 5-7 business days after submission. 

*VCU will verify that the training has been provided by an approved trainer before providing the trainee with their certificate.  If you are not an approved trainer listed in the VCU database, the trainee will not receive a certificate. 


To clarify the process for becoming a trainer:

  • You must be a licensed health care professional practicing within the scope of your profession (please see the definition in the Standards for Licensed Assisted Living Facilities).
  • You must submit a trainer application with the appropriate fee to the VCU Department of Gerontology ( 
  • You must complete UAI training and submit your certificate to VCU.  UAI training is available on the DSS website.
  • You must purchase the curriculum materials.  The curriculum will be mailed to you and the PowerPoint will be sent to you by email, so be sure to include your email address on the order form.
  • Once you receive your curriculum materials, you must review the materials and successfully pass a brief exam.  This exam will be available on line-the link will be forwarded to you with your curriculum materials.
  • Once you have successfully passed the exam, VCU will mail you your trainer certificate.  You cannot provide ISP training until you receive this certificate.
  • When you provide ISP training you will be required to submit a trainee task record to VCU for each individual trained (the certificate fee must also be submitted).  VCU will verify your status as a trainer before providing the trainee with their completion certificate.  If you are not an approved trainer listed in the VCU database, the trainee will not receive a certificate. 
  • All of the necessary forms will be available on the VCU website listed above.
  • If you have already submitted your trainer application, your next step is to order your curriculum.


*NEW* Training-in-a-Box Program!

We have created a take-home training curriculum to better accommodate community and staff schedules. This training comes with presentation slides, instructor manual and an activity. This is a 6-hour training that can be broken up into sections or completed all at once, depending on your preference. There is a flat-rate of $100 for this training package- this is not a subscription. 

We currently offer the boxes in two topics:

1) Top-10 Violations in Assisted Living Communities. To access this training, please click here

2) Trauma Informed Care. To access this training, please click here!


Descriptions for each Training-in-a-Box can be found below. 


Top-10 Violations in ALF's Training-in-a-Box

We’ve created this training to reduce violations, ensure safety and ultimately promote person-centered care within Virginia Assisted Living Facilities. The information from this presentation can be implemented by staff to improve overall quality of care.

At the end of this training participants will have an increased:

  • Understanding of  the most recent top 10 violations in Assisted Living communities 
  • Ability to identify ways to avoid common violations and repeat violations in their facility
  • Understanding of how person-centered care can improve areas where violations are common

Trauma Informed Care Training-in-a-Box

When trauma occurs, it affects an individual's sense of self, of others, and their experiences of the world within and around them. Trauma informed approaches to care realize the impact that trauma can have on accessing support services and work to create environments that promote resilience and healing. 

Engage throughout five self driven training sessions. Explore, connect, reflect, and question important matters about how adverse life experiences shape the aging process and influence care environments. 

Interested in receiving on-site training at your facility?

Please fill out an On-site Training Request Form

On-site training entails the trainer coming to your facility and facilitating a topic of your community's choice. Topics to choose from are:

-Mental Wellness
-Team Building
-Cultural Competence
-Disrupt Ageism
-Person-Centered Care
-Surplus Safety
-Agitation and Aggression
-Nutritional Needs & Medication Safety

All training topics can be customized to fit your chosen duration of training with a minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 6 hours.

$100 flat rate for on-site training

Certificates provided upon completion of training

For archived VCU Gerontology CCE trainings and webinar registrations, click here.  Please ignore the dates presented on the registration page. These are ongoing webinars and there is no expiration date. Please view the videos to the webinar at your own pace.